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Why do so many people struggle with money?

What can I do to be on the best possible path for my own financial security?

How can I be a financial guide for others if I’m not a master of this topic already?

What are some tools and concepts you use to help people build their wealth?

Who made this video and why?

How do I start and how do I get paid?

How hard is it to do this for real?

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Build a Plan

Learn more about the financial concepts and create a plan for your own financial success.

Path 2
part time income

Learn more about the part time opportunity and make additional income with a flexible schedule

Path 3
build a business

Start part time and transition to a full-time career and start working toward a 6-figure income.

Maybe you're thinking...

I’m an introverted. I'm too quiet and shy!

According to, introverts actually make better financial advisors! Their research revealed extroverted people seek relationships in group settings, while introverted people seek one-to-one relationships in a cozy setting.  If you're a good listener, genuinely want to help people and enjoy working in a focused setting, becoming a financial coach might be the right path for you! 

I’m not good at math!

There's a huge stereotype going around about financial advisors! People actually think we must be amazing in math! It's just not true!

The truth is, we all have fancy apps on our iPads and iPhone that do all that work for us. 

What truly separates good advisors from great advisors is their ability to capture exactly what the other person wants, and how they use the tools to generate a solution. 

If you can genuinely put people first and products second, you'll make a great financial coach.

I know nothing about finances!

When you first started the job you're working right now, you probably didn't know all that much...Did you? You had to do some training.

The best financial companies have a series of training systems that will transform you into a superstar advisor people will hop fences for to meet you.

We are equipped with one of the best training systems around! We've been using it for over 40 years and since then it's developed over 3000 six-figure earners and over 100 seven-figure earners.

If you stay coachable and follow the process we have in place, you can expect to get similar results.

I don’t know many people!

Not having enough people to meet with is one reason most financial advisors fail in their first 12 months. The cause of this is usually because of a poor strategy and a lack of proper guidance. Our 90-day training system obliterates that challenge so you can have a lineup of potential clients waiting to meet you.

Get this free eBook as a BONUS!

If you're like us and hate reading boring money books, this is perfect for you!

This is hands down one of the best ebooks because it takes complicated money topics and breaks it down so even your 10 year old can understand it.

  • The power of compound interest
  • The difference between fixed and revolving debt?
  • The 3 accounts you need!
  • And more!

You'll wish your banker gave this to you when you first opened your bank account!

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Some more testimonials from people

It's a lot better now with all your coaching...

Mai and team, thank you so much for all the you've done for my family. My family's finances were OK before we were introduce by Stephanie, it's a lot better now with all your coaching. I have done so much with my savings with my emergency funds and also was able to pay off my car like we planned. I am also now is planning to buy a home for my family. My only wish is to have met you guys sooner. My financial plans would have been a lot better than what they are now but I'm sure I'm glad I have your much needed help now.

Thank you 🥰

Margaret C ... PSW

I understood more about possible opportunities to make extra money, and also simple ways to invest.

Attended one of the money series workshops hosted by Leo, Vithu, and Josue. Very informative and fun. All the hosts were upbeat and positive. I understood more about possible opportunities to make extra money, and also simple ways to invest. Very glad I attended!

Abigail T.

The one thing my husband and I regret was not working with this team sooner...

We met this team through a mutual friend and we knew very little about finances. They were great in helping us reach our financial goals. They created an environment that was professional, yet friendly – like a long-lost cousin. They made it comfortable for us to ask any questions, answering with clear and concise examples. After only one year of working with them, we have seen substantial changes to our finances that we have not seen with others. The one thing my husband and I regret was not meeting and working with this team sooner. We look forward in continuing to work with you all, and highly recommend them to anyone looking to meet their financial goals.

L & M Pastor ... Supervisor/ Inspector

Their business model has proven it can survive a pandemic...

I loved the seminar. It was very engaging and informative. Vithu has been very helpful and an amazing mentor so far. They spoke a lot about financial freedom and what that meant to them. I liked that they spoke about their own backgrounds and what is like growing up in an immigrant family; it definitely resonated with me. I think it’s important to note that your educational/ work background and age doesn’t matter and you don’t need initial capital to start your own business. Anyone can do it with hard work, confidence, patience, and determination! Their business model has proven it can survive a pandemic and secure a space in a digital market.

Gia Narang ... ]

I had a financial advisor at the bank that I've been working with for over 10 years...

I had a financial advisor at the bank that I've been working with for over 10 years. I had all my accounts setup and was generally happy with the results. I friend shared this video with me and honestly. I was skeptical at first because I didn't see how someone could possibly do better. I decided to get a Financial Blueprint because my friend reassured me it was free and made it clear I wasn't obligated to do anything! I went thru the motions and to my surprise, the Blueprint revealed two areas where I was overspending. Because of this free Blueprint, I freed up an extra $233 per month which I now put towards my kids education. This was the most comfortable and convenient money discussion I've ever had.

Cynthia G. ... ICU Nurse - Toronto Hospital

"I will not hesitate recommending him to anybody..."

For the last 10 years Anthony has been providing my family sound planning apart from being a trusted friend. I will not hesitate recommending him to anybody who needs direction in terms of their finance. Thank you for all you do and we wish you more success!

Maria Gibbons ... Home Medical Equipment Consultant

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