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Learn More About What I Do

Is there someone in your life who you've struggled to understand? Financial advisors can be especially confusing! Do you know anyone like that? One of the ways I'm going to be a different type of financial coach is in the way I communicate with others, and this video is an example of that. 

I want you to watch this video because you would be more likely to suggest someone you think would be a good fit if you understood my job

This video will answer some questions like:

  • Why do so many people struggle with money?
  • How will you be able to help others get on the best possible path to financial security?
  • How can you be a financial guide for others if you're not a master of this topic already?
  • What are some tools and concepts you'll be sharing with others to build their wealth?

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Thanks for watching the video. 
I hope you learned a lot about what I will be doing once I'm licensed.

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