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Your Core Tools

These are a collection of the most used documents and presentations to be successful in the field.

The First Presentation (Video)

Do you have an appointment? Use this video to do most of the explaining for you.

Appointment Questionnaire

Do you want to sound like pro in front of your potential clients? This questionnaire will help guide your appointments and will ensure you ask the right questions to complete a financial blueprint for your client. This questionnaire will make sure you don't look like an amateur!

Fast Start / Game Plan Trifold

Do you have a new team mate and want to show them the importance of field training, how to set appointments so it's not awkward? This simple brochure has everything you need to get your message access effectively.

The Life Insurance Guide

Do you have an insurance policy that you need to dissect but not sure where to start? This 2-page document will guide you through every step of the way.

Compensation Presentation

Do you need to explain to someone the 9 different ways we get paid? This powerpoint presentation will explain it in great detail.

Life Insurance Policies from Competitors

Are you looking for a collection of life insurance policies to study from? Check these out!

What do the financial experts have to say?

(Article Page)

This is a page of third party articles backing up all the concepts we share with people. You can send this to your clients and team mates to give you that extra level of credibility!