Step 2

Can you write a genuine character reference about me?

A character reference from you would have a lot of impact on others, and if they saw positive things about me, they would be more likely to become a client or a colleague. 

I made it really easy.

Just answer the questions below and my team will take care of the rest!

How do we know each other?
How long have we known each other?
Share some of the positive qualities about me. Provide some examples if you have any.
Explain why you think I would be a good recommendation to help others with their finances and/or why I would be a good team leader.

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Do you need some inspiration?

Here are some examples from the team I work with...

I am confident in continuing to rely on Leo to help me...

Pauline Dolar

I met Leo through mutual friends at the start of the pandemic. He is not only a great and honest friend, but an incredible mentor when it comes to finances. I’ve always felt undereducated when it comes to money, and as a new graduate, I especially feel a bit overwhelmed coming out of school. I am confident in continuing to rely on Leo to help me with planning for the future and ensuring I have a solid financial foundation to be able to start living my life the way I want to!

I would recommend him to everyone

Marieflor Lozano

Former Business Partner Leo was my mentor a year ago when I was part of the firm. In my experience with him I learned more than I expected to in the span of a few months. He is a great leader who is highly knowledgable and respected by his clients and coworkers. Leo taught me all I know about financial needs and decisions from investing to mutual funds. He is highly organized and reliable. It was a pleasure working with him. I recommend Leo to anyone as he is a great mentor and financial advisor. Leo is professional and greatly experienced in the business and finance sector. He handles all my questions and inquiries with transparency which is very rare these days. I would recommend him to everyone.

"Allows me to put a lot of trust into his advice and recommendations..."

Calvin Chan Marketing

Anthony has always been very helpful, respectful, and transparent. When I have questions, or reservations about anything, he's always very clear and honest, which allows me to put a lot of trust into his advice and recommendations. I especially like how he's always looking out for me and my interests and will follow up regularly. I also appreciate his quick responses and he's always available for a call and readily accessible most of the time so I'm not left hanging or waiting for days for a response.

"Takes the complexity of the financial jargon, and makes it simple to understand..."

Nicholas M P Military

Anthony has been my dedicated professional "Money Guy" for myself wife and family for the past 10 years. He is committed to my family's financial success needs and is very dependable. Anthony is very passionate and has an extensive knowledge in the financial wealth industry. His approach is very professional, friendly, patient and honest. He takes the complexity of the financial jargon, and makes it simple to understand. This makes me very comfortable and confident as a customer. I would recommend him to my family and friends. You won't be disappointed with his service.

"Straight shooter, attention to detail and will always go the distance..."


Anthony is very detailed, honest, understanding and caters to clients wants and needs that suits your lifestyle, and future plans going forward. Anthony is a straight shooter, attention to detail and will always go the distance. Keep up the great work you do. Thanks to you and your empire that you have built from ground up.

I highly recommend getting a plan if you’re just getting started...

Genevieve Marketing

This team has been so great to our family. I highly recommend sitting down with them especially if you’re just getting started because they will tailor the perfect money strategy for you. This team is a group you want to have in your corner especially if you need that extra sense of security like I did!. Thanks for everything, our life is completely different because of you guys!

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