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"Allows me to put a lot of trust into his advice and recommendations..."

Calvin Chan Marketing

Anthony has always been very helpful, respectful, and transparent. When I have questions, or reservations about anything, he's always very clear and honest, which allows me to put a lot of trust into his advice and recommendations. I especially like how he's always looking out for me and my interests and will follow up regularly. I also appreciate his quick responses and he's always available for a call and readily accessible most of the time so I'm not left hanging or waiting for days for a response.

He will make sure you are taken care of...

Iden Nabong

Leo is the kind of person you want to surround yourself with. He is honest, passionate, and determined. Not only is he a good friend but he is also a great business partner. His vast knowledge regarding the financial world is what makes him good at what he does. Leo is very professional and caters to my needs as a client with diligence and I never have to question his methods because he does not hesitate to show me everything I should know. Leo is hardworking and definitely someone you want on your team. He will make sure you are taken care of and you’ll also learn a lot along the way.

I would recommend him to everyone

Marieflor Lozano

Former Business Partner Leo was my mentor a year ago when I was part of the firm. In my experience with him I learned more than I expected to in the span of a few months. He is a great leader who is highly knowledgable and respected by his clients and coworkers. Leo taught me all I know about financial needs and decisions from investing to mutual funds. He is highly organized and reliable. It was a pleasure working with him. I recommend Leo to anyone as he is a great mentor and financial advisor. Leo is professional and greatly experienced in the business and finance sector. He handles all my questions and inquiries with transparency which is very rare these days. I would recommend him to everyone.

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