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What's A Financial Blueprint?

Most of us think about money every day. 

It's not that we're greedy and obsessing about it, it's just that our finances touch every area of our lives. Each of us is making vitally important decisions every day that make us either stronger financially or more vulnerable.

The fact is, we are each building a financial house, whether we realize it or not.

How you build your house, the choices you make will determine where you end up financially.

The goal of making wise choices is to reach a point where your money one day works for you - so you no longer have to work for your money. That's called financial independence and it all starts with a Financial Blueprint.

Inside a financial Blueprint

Unlike most financial plans that just concentrate on one part of your finances and come with a hefty price tag of $500+, my Financial Blueprint covers all 8 aspects of your financial house without the big expense. In fact it's free!

Debt & Mortgage Elimination
Asset Protection
Budgeting & Spending
Wills & Power of Attorney
Retirement & Education Savings
Emergency & Vacation
Home & Auto Insurance
Goals & Dreams

How can a Financial Blueprint help your Referrals...

Get clear answers to your most pressing money questions

  • Can I stop working at X years old?
  • How can I better protect my assets from inflation, taxation and depreciation?
  • How does my investment portfolio compare to others?
  • If I retired and withdrew $xxxx per month, how long will my money last me?
  • Historically, how has my existing portfolio performed in the last 1,3,5,10,20+ years?
  • How can I pay off my mortgage in x years?
  • How much faster can I pay it off if I paid an extra $xxxx per month?
  • What's the best way to pay off my mortgage, credit cards and loans?
  • Can I get a better interest rate on my mortgage?
Kids Education
  • How can I ensure my kids go to university without needing a loan?
  • How can I get the government to pay for my kids education without out-of-pocketing any expenses?
  • How much will tuition cost by the time my daughter goes to school? 
  • How can I withdraw the money without triggering any taxes and unnecessary fees?
  • How can I free up an extra $xxx from my budget so I can afford to start taking family vacations? 
  • Where is all my money going? Can I do better?
  • How can I consolidate financial products so I'm not paying double for the same type of product?

And More...

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Business owners
high net worth individuals with over $150,000
young & busy professionals
experiencing major life changes
Individuals with complex investment portfolios
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Hi _____. I hope you’re well. I'm helping out my financial advisor grow his clientele. If you happen to be in the market for a new advisor, Anthony is looking to take on new clients. I’ve been working with him for over __ years and he’s done a really great job helping me plan for the future. Check out his website at Let me know if I can send you both an email introduction. Thanks.

Template #2

Hi _____! This might seem a bit random, but do you have a financial advisor? I'm trying to support my buddy Anthony by helping him to get more clients, so if you're looking for someone in that field, I'd love to connect you two through email. Let me know if it's okay to do that and in the meantime, take a peek at to learn more about him.