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Protecting your family shouldn't be complicated or expensive

Get three life insurance quotes customized to your unique financial situation

Two easy-to-understand personalized products for every family.


Life Insurance at the Speed of Life
Primerica PowerTerm offers easy-to-understand, personalized coverage usually without the need for medical exams or any blood samples.


Life Insurance with Value in Mind
Primerica PrecisionTerm strikes just the right balance between convenience and value – offering easy-to-understand, personalized coverage packed with features.

Terms up to 35 years

Affordable and Customizable

Terminal Illness Benefit

Guaranteed Insurability to Age 95

One Child Rider Covers All Eligible Children

No War or Terror Clauses

You get more than just protection!

Free Financial Blueprint

Unlike other insurance companies who focus solely on selling you an insurance policy, we believe financial products are meaningless without a sound strategy to go with it. Every product we offer comes with a Financial Blueprint. It's like a simple to follow, step-by-step instruction guide for your money.

Personalized Solutions & Financial Education

We take a personalized and educational approach to your money. Rest assured the solutions we offer are not some "off-the-shelf" strategy. You will receive a tailor-made strategy according to your unique financial situation.

93% of Claims Paid Within 14 Days

We take pride in our thorough up-front underwriting process ensuring claims are paid in a timely manner when your family needs it most.

An Industry Leader Since 1977

About Primerica

  • Primerica’s life companies stand tall in the industry.
  • Over 5.7 million lives insured through our life companies
  • $903 billion of term life insurance in force
  • An average of $6.1 million in benefit claims paid every day
  • Primerica’s life insurance companies are rated A+ (Superior) by AM Best

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We're focused on financial literacy

In 1977, Primerica’s founders witnessed their loved ones left behind, financially, by the financial services industry. Middle-income families in their neighborhoods and communities were being sold the wrong products by people they trusted – or even abandoned in favor of higher-income clients – because they didn’t know enough about basic financial principles.

Primerica offers HOW MONEY WORKS financial literacy services to help teach people the basics of personal finance because we believe a solid foundation is key.

Meet Andrew & Sammi

IT & Nurse

Andrew and Sammi are in their mid-30s and have a young daughter named Mary. They recognize the significance of having the correct amount of life insurance in case something happens to them, but they are worried about how much it will cost since they are on a tight budget.

They would like the mortgage and debts paid off which total $800,000.

$800,000 of coverage will cost Andrew $52.66 per month and coverage for Sammi will cost $37.33.

A total of $1.6 million will cost $89.99 per month.

Different Options for Different Budgets

Most products you buy have a fixed-price, but with our PrecisionTerm and PowerTerm lineup, you stay in control of the price you want to pay.

Here's an example of three options a 35-year old female can choose from.

Basic Needs

$300,000 of Coverage



  • Just the Mortgage


All Needs

$1 Million Coverage



  • Survivor Income 
  • Mortgage & Debts
  • Children's Education
  • Final Expenses
Basic Needs + More

$500,000 of Coverage



  • Mortgage & Debts
  • Children's Education
  • Final Expenses

What our clients have to say

I highly recommend getting a plan if you’re just getting started...

This team has been so great to our family. I highly recommend sitting down with them especially if you’re just getting started because they will tailor the perfect money strategy for you. This team is a group you want to have in your corner especially if you need that extra sense of security like I did!. Thanks for everything, our life is completely different because of you guys!

Genevieve ... Marketing

I am Leo’s dad. By giving us an advice how to invest intelligently, and what is the best thing or best way to plan for our future financially. Leonardo is honest, trustworthy , dependable and hardworking.

Amador Ocampo

I have mutual funds with Leonardo and my experience has been great. He has always answered my inquiries very promptly and it is very transparent and honest when it comes to financial advice.

Juan Romero

Even when I did not understand many things

Leonardo was very helpful. Even when I did not understand many things he took his time to explain each thing carefully and in better terms that I would be able to comprehend. Another thing that I would like to note is that he is very organized, all concerns were addressed and handled efficiently thanks to his organizational skills. It was a pleasure working with him, I will surely recommend him to my family and friends. Thank you!

Jorge Pedraja

I had a financial advisor at the bank that I've been working with for over 10 years...

I had a financial advisor at the bank that I've been working with for over 10 years. I had all my accounts setup and was generally happy with the results. I friend shared this video with me and honestly. I was skeptical at first because I didn't see how someone could possibly do better. I decided to get a Financial Blueprint because my friend reassured me it was free and made it clear I wasn't obligated to do anything! I went thru the motions and to my surprise, the Blueprint revealed two areas where I was overspending. Because of this free Blueprint, I freed up an extra $233 per month which I now put towards my kids education. This was the most comfortable and convenient money discussion I've ever had.

Cynthia G. ... ICU Nurse - Toronto Hospital

"Allows me to put a lot of trust into his advice and recommendations..."

Anthony has always been very helpful, respectful, and transparent. When I have questions, or reservations about anything, he's always very clear and honest, which allows me to put a lot of trust into his advice and recommendations. I especially like how he's always looking out for me and my interests and will follow up regularly. I also appreciate his quick responses and he's always available for a call and readily accessible most of the time so I'm not left hanging or waiting for days for a response.

Calvin Chan ... Marketing

"Straight shooter, attention to detail and will always go the distance..."

Anthony is very detailed, honest, understanding and caters to clients wants and needs that suits your lifestyle, and future plans going forward. Anthony is a straight shooter, attention to detail and will always go the distance. Keep up the great work you do. Thanks to you and your empire that you have built from ground up.


The one thing my husband and I regret was not working with this team sooner...

We met this team through a mutual friend and we knew very little about finances. They were great in helping us reach our financial goals. They created an environment that was professional, yet friendly – like a long-lost cousin. They made it comfortable for us to ask any questions, answering with clear and concise examples. After only one year of working with them, we have seen substantial changes to our finances that we have not seen with others. The one thing my husband and I regret was not meeting and working with this team sooner. We look forward in continuing to work with you all, and highly recommend them to anyone looking to meet their financial goals.

L & M Pastor ... Supervisor/ Inspector

I feel very blessed that I found Anthony...

I have been looking for a financial coach for a long time. I have had meeting through my work, but those meetings never went beyond the initial interview.

Anthony was very supportive and gave me advice right away that fit my living and financial circumstances. He was clear in his strategy and came up with a solid plan that I could actually understand.

He showed me a way where my assets can be used to help me meet both my short and long term financial goals while at the same time meeting my preferred involvement in setting those goals.

I feel very blessed that I found Anthony and am looking forward to see what more he can do for me in the years to come!

Jennifer K ... Registered Nurse at The Hospital for Sick Children

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