The Digital Tool You're Missing to Achieve Real Financial Freedom

We’re going to reveal the real reason so few families reach financial freedom.

How often do you think about money? 

What are the first things that come to mind?
Where you want to be financially in the future?
How much you earn your bills, debt vacation?
Do you think about how much you want to save or invest?

The reality is: you think about money every single day.

It's not because you're greedy or obsessed about money! It's just that your finances touch every area of your life and you're constantly making vitally important decisions every day. 

The money decisions you make will either make you stronger or more vulnerable.

Whether you realize it or not, you are building a financial house.

Think about where you are in life right now...

How you build your house and the choices you make will determine where you end up financially.

If you make good choices for your financial house someday, you won't be looking to see how many vacation days your employer will give you. You'll be deciding that for yourself. 

The goal of making wise choices is to reach a point where your money one day works for you. So you no longer have to work for your money. 

That's called financial independence.
Ultimately, this is what we all want!

You can choose if your hard-earned dollar disappears or goes to work for you!

You wouldn't build your dream home without a blueprint!

If you were to build your dream home, you wouldn't spontaneously jump in a car and drive to Home Depot to pick up supplies! 

No one would be so irresponsible to risk the safety of your family, time and money without first coming up with an architectural plan with contractors and architects. It might not be as obvious, but the same is true for your finances.

Just like building your dream home, having the wrong strategy wastes time, money and the financial security of your family.

Most people spend more time planning a birthday party or a wedding than they do planning their entire financial future, and as a result they are shocked when they arrive at their destination.

This can be easily avoided if they had first mapped out their financial milestones.

Not having a financial plan is like trying to build a real house without an architectural blueprint!

You know where you want to go financially, you're just unsure how to get there!

You're not alone. In fact millions of Canadians are in the same situation.

A recent article from stated:

"Only one-third of Canadians felt they knew a lot about what a financial plan is and how it can help them." "80% of them said their plans only focus on one area of their finances."

There's two ways we can help...

Get started on the right path with a Financial Blueprint.

Our team of licensed professionals will design a free financial blueprint so you can finally take the right steps towards success.

This is a digital tool for your money!

Not having a financial blueprint is like trying to build a real house without an architectural plan!

Get real answers to your burning questions.

There's nothing more frustrating than spending precious time and money on a traditional financial plan that doesn't answer ALL the questions you're looking for!

Here's a list of the most common questions your customized blueprint will answer.

  • Can I stop working at X years old?
  • How much do I need to save to ensure my kids can go to university without applying for a student loan?
  • How can I pay off my mortgage in x years?
  • How can I better protect my assets and income?
  • How does my investment portfolio compare to others?
  • If I retired and withdrew $xxxx per month, how long will my money last me?
  • What does my cashflow situation look like? Can I save money if I changed XYZ?
  • Historically, how has my existing portfolio performed in the last 1,3,5,10,20+ years?
  • How can I pay off my debts faster while using the same amount of money every month?
  • How much faster can I pay it off if I paid an extra $xxxx per month?
  • Is my work pension enough for me to retire? Do I need save more? Am I saving too much?
  • What can I do to help reduce my taxes?
  • What can I do to protect my assets from inflation?

Here are six reasons why our financial blueprint is different from the competition

A clear and thorough plan without the fancy words!

Unlike most traditional financial plans that only focus on one specific area of your finances, our blueprint takes into account every aspect of your financial house.
The best part, it gives you very clear and simple to follow solution that anyone can understand.

Answers real money questions no one will give you directly.

Sometimes you just want a straight answer without all the fancy talk and confusing numbers and charts. This is exactly what our financial blueprint will give you. Sometimes you may or may not like what you hear but it will give you clear instructions what you need to do to correct it.

Quick, confidential and customized to your needs

We go out of our way to protect your information to the highest industry standards. You can have a fully customized financial blueprint in your hands in 48 hours or less.

No pressure approach

We are aware that some families will work with us and others won't. We have a goal in mind to put together the best financial blueprint possible and you decide if we're the right fit for you. You remain in control throughout our entire process!

Super convenient and flexible

We work really hard to make it easy for you to get a financial blueprint. You have the option to meet one of our licensed money coaches in person or we can go 100% virtual and meet on Zoom. It's completely up to you.

It's Free!

Did we already mention your Financial Blueprint is completely free?

Whether you decide to implement the changes we suggest or not - there's no charge to you. 

How can you top that?

The 7 Steps We Take To Design Your Financial Blueprint

 We take care of all the heavy lifting. This animated video will reveal the 7-step process we take to design your financial house. It's not what you think!

What Our Others Have to Say

Well on our way to achieving financial independence by 48 years old!

I used to work in a call centre answering endless phone calls from angry people. My sister approached me about the idea of getting into finances as a side gig and explained to me the ins and outs of the industry. What appealed to me the most about that conversation was the idea that I could learn how to manage my own money. I started the training process, which was straightforward and saw quickly how many people really needed to learn this stuff. Because of that decision, today my bills are paid in the first 2 weeks of the month. My wife can stay at home with the kids full time and we’re well on our way to achieving financial independence by 48 years old!

- Financial Coach for Healthcare Workers

"I watched this video and immediately was hooked..."

Before getting my financial licenses with the province, I was a college student studying IT. I really enjoyed working with computers but realized halfway through my program this career path won’t give me the lifestyle I really wanted. At that point in my life, I was looking for an alternative until I overheard a conversation my two best friends were having. They were talking about becoming financial coaches. I was immediately interested and invited myself into their conversation. I watched this video and immediately was hooked. Fast forward 5 years later, I’ve dedicated my life to helping millennials fix their finances and on-track to earning my first six-figure income in the next 9 months.

- Financial Coach for Millennials

"At least watch the video and decide for yourself! 
It just might change your life!"

I was a stay-at-home mom with two wonderful girls and my husband was a successful mortgage broker. I was looking for a way to generate some income while the kids were in school, to help speed up our family goals. I needed something that was flexible in my changing schedule and allowed me to work from home, so I can be close to the kids. A friend asked me to watch this video and about becoming a financial coach. I was doubtful at first, but this video made me realize this was exactly what I was looking for! I strongly recommend to at least watch this video and you can decide for yourself! It just might change your life!

- Financial Coach for Entrepreneurial Mothers

About Us

We are a group (or a Tribe) of financial coaches with over a decade of experience with a strong partnership with the top financial companies in Canada. Individually, each Tribe member has their own unique set of talents, but together we are connected to each other with one big idea in mind.

We believe we can make financial success super accessible for everyone, not just wealthy individuals.

Not only are we superb at what we do, we have a lot of fun helping people!

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything is free? How do you get paid?

What happens if I don't want to make any changes after seeing my blueprint?

How long does it take to complete a blueprint?

You Win Either Way!

Best case scenario: You get a clear plan to help you pay off your debts faster, free up extra money in your monthly budget and on-track to financial independence.

Worse case scenario: You get a free financial blueprint with all your finances mapped out on one page.

If you're certain this isn't your path, there is a 2nd path you can take to achieve financial independence.

You can create a source of passive income by being a financial guide for others.

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