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New Client Onboarding

Build rapport with your new clients and separate yourself from the rest of the other financial companies. This email sequence will help navigate your clients to your admin team, how to get setup on the Primerica Client portal site and and more!

Register Someone to Upcoming Career Night

Manually add someone you want to invite to the upcoming Career Night. Once you register them, they will get a series of 7 emails leading up to the date of the event. This will keep them engaged and will improve your show up rate.

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Subscribe to 10 Tips to Get More Our of your Paycheque (Healthcare)

Give them a free guide to kickstart your wealth.

The goal of these marketing emails is to give content first and then build rapport in with your readers and and convert them into appointments over time.

Subscribe to 10 Tips to get more out of your paycheque series (for healthcare)
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