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Anthony is unbelievable communicator

Anthony & Ginette are distant family friend who helped me and my husband get situated in Canada when we immigrated here in 2021.

Anthony is unbelievable communicator and does an excellent job making sure that I understand the process of investments. He is very patient , kind and always answered every question that I had.

I would highly recommend Anthony for his integrity and financial knowledge.

Karen Balbuena Administration

I honestly thought I had my finances in order...

I honestly thought I had my finances in order until I was introduced to Anthony. I didn't realize how many financial products I owned until me laid them out for me to see. I paid a lot for products but realized I had no real strategy. Today I have total clarity over my money, I understand where I'm going to be financially in 10 years and I'm spending the same amount of money every month!

Virginia B. Director, Health Care Industry

The one thing my husband and I regret was not working with this team sooner...

We met this team through a mutual friend and we knew very little about finances. They were great in helping us reach our financial goals. They created an environment that was professional, yet friendly – like a long-lost cousin. They made it comfortable for us to ask any questions, answering with clear and concise examples. After only one year of working with them, we have seen substantial changes to our finances that we have not seen with others. The one thing my husband and I regret was not meeting and working with this team sooner. We look forward in continuing to work with you all, and highly recommend them to anyone looking to meet their financial goals.

L & M Pastor Supervisor/ Inspector

"Takes the complexity of the financial jargon, and makes it simple to understand..."

Anthony has been my dedicated professional "Money Guy" for myself wife and family for the past 10 years. He is committed to my family's financial success needs and is very dependable. Anthony is very passionate and has an extensive knowledge in the financial wealth industry. His approach is very professional, friendly, patient and honest. He takes the complexity of the financial jargon, and makes it simple to understand. This makes me very comfortable and confident as a customer. I would recommend him to my family and friends. You won't be disappointed with his service.

Nicholas M P Military

"I will not hesitate recommending him to anybody..."

For the last 10 years Anthony has been providing my family sound planning apart from being a trusted friend. I will not hesitate recommending him to anybody who needs direction in terms of their finance. Thank you for all you do and we wish you more success!

Maria Gibbons Home Medical Equipment Consultant

Our son can attend post secondary school without taking out any student loans...

Working with Anthony and his team has been a great experience. They took the time to understand our financial situation and our goals, they educated us on options and helped us build a plan. After initial set up, the whole team continually stays in touch to assess our satisfaction, and works with us on adjustments needed to our plans and today, our son can attend post secondary school without taking our any student loans. I highly recommend working with this group - the personal touch, and their genuine concern are an invaluable asset to your personal finances.

Rob Segsworth Vice President - Transportation Industry

"Will go beyond what is expected of him to deliver results..."

We have been dealing with Anthony on various investments over the last several years. Anthony is extremely supportive of his clients, and will go beyond what is expected of him to deliver results. He has always had an intense desire for success in the midst of meeting and overcoming challenges that take place in the economy. Anthony is not afraid to put in whatever time is necessary to accomplish any task while staying focused on results at hand. His skilled combination of communication, organization and dedication, coupled with his unswerving work ethic is advantageous to anyone seeking his advice. He also injects a sense of camaraderie and fun which is infectious and makes him a pleasure to deal with. We highly recommend Anthony without reservation as we have a great deal of respect for his integrity and financial knowledge.

Janice B

What stood out to me the most about this team is their level of professionalism and integrity!

We met Anthony & Leo through a mutual friend Mahr, who we’ve known for quite sometime. At the time I was looking to begin saving for my daughters education and for insurance on my mortgage.

What stood out to me the most about this team is their level of professionalism and integrity. As a personal client 8 years later, I can say that Anthony & Leo continue to demonstrate dedication and top-level support. They will give you their honest opinion about any concern with financial decisions. I value their friendship and coaching!

Marz Varga Optician

"Took the complexity out of financial principles..."

Looking to set realistic financial expectations for myself as well as improving my financial literacy in general, I had first connected with Anthony earlier last year following a wealth building webinar he hosted. I wouldn’t consider myself the most well versed when it comes to personal finance, and so planning my financial future on my own was scary. I reached out to Anthony who first, took the complexity out of financial principles and put them into a narrative that was graspable and easy to understand. He created a strategic plan for me, but before that, made sure to ask what was meaningful to me as he wanted to understand my views on money and life before understanding my goals.

Kathleen E. Project Manager - Toronto Hospital

They were life-changing...

10 years ago, we experienced a sickness in our family in which we wanted to support our parents by managing the family finances. At the time, we were overwhelmed financially. Our knowledge was minimal and we were unsure where to begin. The group was life-changing. They helped us organize, analyze and formulate a financial game plan which helped us immensely. Through the years we learned how to tackle debt in a strategic way, save for emergencies and invest in our future. I feel much more knowledgeable, comfortable and in control of my finances. I and grateful to have this team as my money coaches as they are all kind, hardworking, trustworthy and reliable. I know I can always rely on them for expert advice!

Jacklyn O Healthcare

"Straight shooter, attention to detail and will always go the distance..."

Anthony is very detailed, honest, understanding and caters to clients wants and needs that suits your lifestyle, and future plans going forward. Anthony is a straight shooter, attention to detail and will always go the distance. Keep up the great work you do. Thanks to you and your empire that you have built from ground up.


I feel very blessed that I found Anthony...

I have been looking for a financial coach for a long time. I have had meeting through my work, but those meetings never went beyond the initial interview.

Anthony was very supportive and gave me advice right away that fit my living and financial circumstances. He was clear in his strategy and came up with a solid plan that I could actually understand.

He showed me a way where my assets can be used to help me meet both my short and long term financial goals while at the same time meeting my preferred involvement in setting those goals.

I feel very blessed that I found Anthony and am looking forward to see what more he can do for me in the years to come!

Jennifer K Registered Nurse at The Hospital for Sick Children

I had a financial advisor at the bank that I've been working with for over 10 years...

I had a financial advisor at the bank that I've been working with for over 10 years. I had all my accounts setup and was generally happy with the results. I friend shared this video with me and honestly. I was skeptical at first because I didn't see how someone could possibly do better. I decided to get a Financial Blueprint because my friend reassured me it was free and made it clear I wasn't obligated to do anything! I went thru the motions and to my surprise, the Blueprint revealed two areas where I was overspending. Because of this free Blueprint, I freed up an extra $233 per month which I now put towards my kids education. This was the most comfortable and convenient money discussion I've ever had.

Cynthia G. ICU Nurse - Toronto Hospital

I highly recommend getting a plan if you’re just getting started...

This team has been so great to our family. I highly recommend sitting down with them especially if you’re just getting started because they will tailor the perfect money strategy for you. This team is a group you want to have in your corner especially if you need that extra sense of security like I did!. Thanks for everything, our life is completely different because of you guys!

Genevieve Marketing

"I admire their values and integrity, truthful and always act with fairness..."

I've known Anthony and Ginette over the years and what I like about these couple is their undying dedication and love to help families not only people from our community but to everybody. I admire their values and integrity, truthful and always act with fairness all the time.

Virginia Canillo Healthcare Worker

"Allows me to put a lot of trust into his advice and recommendations..."

Anthony has always been very helpful, respectful, and transparent. When I have questions, or reservations about anything, he's always very clear and honest, which allows me to put a lot of trust into his advice and recommendations. I especially like how he's always looking out for me and my interests and will follow up regularly. I also appreciate his quick responses and he's always available for a call and readily accessible most of the time so I'm not left hanging or waiting for days for a response.

Calvin Chan Marketing