I'm Hosting a Kickstarter Party!

Tuesday, July 26 | 7:00pm-8:30pm | Markham, ON


You missed out!

Thanks so much for visiting my landing page.

Here's why I asked you to visit this page...

I'm not sure if you heard, I'm in the process of getting some financial licenses with the Province of Ontario.

In about three weeks, I'll be able to guide people with their money questions like reducing debt, investing for the future and planning for the unexpected

You’ve probably heard phrases like financial coach, financial agent, or financial guide.

That's basically what I'm studying to become, but it's a little bit different.

I'm working hard to pass my provincial exams but where I could use some of your help is in promoting to others what I'll be doing when I'm licensed. 

You might think I'll be like any typical financial advisor we're all familiar with, but my approach is going to be a bit different.

In the get together I'll be hosting this Tuesday at 7:00pm, I'll be revealing how I'm going to be different than the "typical financial guy" at the bank.

This is where I could use your help and ask for some of your time.

I’m hosting a small get together which I’m calling a Kickstarter Party

This get together is this coming Tuesday, July 26th from 7:00pm to 8:30pm at my cousin's office in Markham on the corner of Warden Ave and Steeles Ave.

With the help of Leo and my broker Anthony, they will be helping me promote and advertise exactly what I'll be doing when I pass by provincial exam in September. Afterwards, will be serving some snacks, drinks and playing a game of pool and foosball.

Please don’t misunderstand why I'm hosting this...

My goal is not for you to become a client or join my team 

If you like what you see and want to become a client or work with me, that's completely up to you (I won't turn you down 😁), but that's not my intention for this get together.


My goal for this get together is to leave a good impression about what I'll be doing so you'll be comfortable enough to recommend me to others.

If you can lend me some of your time so I can get the chance to do that, it would really help.

Having you there can make a big difference for me.

I want to leave a good impression about what I'll be doing so you'll be comfortable enough to recommend me to others.

Can you free up 1.5 hours this Tuesday night to help me grow my clientele?

Complete the form and I'll save you a seat. Also, I'll email you the exact address.