We Help Toronto Nurses Achieve Financial Freedom

If your 2023 goals include having more financial freedom in your life, our Financial Blueprint is the tool to help you get there.

Canadians are facing a tough start to the new year.

Rising Interest Rates

This means borrowing money will cost more, and it could make it harder to buy big things like homes or cars, and even pay off debt.

Rising Living Costs

The price tags for housing, food, taxes, and childcare are all climbing steadily, making it increasingly difficult to pay for everything.

Lack of Savings and Emergency Funds

With prices going up, inflation and interest rates increasing, it's becoming harder and harder to stay on top of bills. For a lot of Canadians, they don't have any financial cushion, leaving them in a real bind.

Lack of Income

To make matters worse, Canadian people have noticed that their incomes are not keeping up with the rising prices and expenses.

Nurses have unique financial needs

  • High student loan debt from nursing school.
  • Limited opportunities for advancement and higher pay.
  • High cost of continuing education and certification
  • Difficulty balancing work and family responsibilities, leading to reduced income
  • Limited access to retirement benefits or savings plans
  • High cost of healthcare and insurance, especially for those working in the private sector.

We're Dedicated to Help Healthcare Workers

My name is Anthony Pallarca and I’ve been a financial coach for well over a decade. Between my business partners and I, we've helped over 10,000 families get a grasp on their personal finances.

Out of all the clients I've helped in the past, I love working with nurses the most because of their strong communication skills, ability to follow procedures and attention to detail.

These are the same qualities that's needed to gain financial independence.

If you'll allow me, I'd like to share how I can help you become a happier and more effective nurse by fixing the reason  you work so hard - your finances.


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Some benefits we provide our clients

We're not your typical group of financial coaches!


Unlike most traditional financial plans that only focus on one specific area of your finances, our blueprint takes into account every aspect of your financial house.

Quick, confidential and customized to your needs

We go out of our way to protect your information to the highest industry standards. You can have a fully customized financial blueprint in your hands in 48 hours or less.


Sometimes you just want a straight answer without all the fancy talk and confusing numbers and charts. This is exactly what our financial blueprint will give you. Sometimes you may or may not like what you hear but it will give you clear instructions what you need to do to correct it.

Super convenient and flexible

We understand you have an unpredictable schedule and we make it really easy for you to meet one of our licensed money coaches. Whether you prefer in-person or virtual meetings, we can accommodate your schedule. It's completely up to you.


We are aware that some families will work with us and others won't. We have a goal in mind to put together the best solution possible and you decide if we're the right fit for you. You remain in control throughout our entire process!


We have access to the top money professionals across Canada to assist with any level of complexity. 

We take a
Wholistic Approach
to Money

Unlike most traditional financial plans that only focus on one specific area of your finances, we focus on eight different areas of your finances. 

It's like designing each floor of your dream home.

  1. 1
    Goals and dreams
  2. 2
    Education Savings
  3. 3
  4. 4
    Debt & Mortgage Elimination
  5. 5
    Budgeting & Spending
  6. 6
    Emergency & Vacation Spending
  7. 7
    Will, Power of Attorney & Legal Advice
  8. 8
    Asset Protection

Make 2023 your best financial year ever!

Our Financial Blueprint can help you get there!

It's just like a blueprint for your dream home except for your money!


What Others Have to Say

"He help me meet both my short and long term financial goals"

I have been looking for a financial coach for a long time. I have had meeting through my work, but those meetings never went beyond the initial interview.

Anthony was very supportive and gave me advice right away that fit my living and financial circumstances. He was clear in his strategy and came up with a solid plan that I could actually understand. 

He showed me a way where my assets can be used to help me meet both my short and long term financial goals while at the same time meeting my preferred involvement in setting those goals.

I feel very blessed that I found Anthony and am looking forward to see what more he can do for me in the years to come!


"I realized I had a bunch of financial products, but no real strategy!"

I honestly thought I had my finances in order until I heard this one phrase in one of Anthony's videos: "The goal of making wise choices is to reach a point where your money one day works for you. So you no longer have to work for your money. That's called financial independence." 

I realized I had a bunch of financial products, but no real strategy. Today I have total clarity over my money, I understand where I'm going to be financially in 10 years and I'm spending the same amount of money every month!

VIRginia B. - Director, Health Care Industry


Where's all my money going?

Nancy is a new nurse living paycheque-to-paycheque. It feels like all her money is going towards living expenses and her student debt.


  • Feels like she's losing track of her future because she's unsure how she's going to fix this.
  • She doesn't have the time or energy to find a solution because she's so tired after work.
  • Feels like her debts are slowly rising.


  • Earns $50,000 per year.
  • $42,113 in student debts.
  • Has no budget and minimal financial direction.
  • Not saving anything.

***The images and names in this story are not real, but the story is! 


We completed a Financial Blueprint and her budget revealed the following:

  • She takes home $3,200 per month in income.
  • $434/mth goes towards her student loans
  • $811/mth pays the rest of her debts
  • $1500/mth goes towards living expenses and other financial products
  • $650/mth is spent on entertainment and shopping.

She is overspending $195 per month, the reason why her debts are increasing.


Using the Financial Blueprint, we freed up a total of $653/mth from her budget. Out of that savings we put $300/mth towards her long-term savings and the other $300 towards accelerating her debt payments.

This strategy will get her out of debt 6 years sooner and saving an extra $27,607.

Here's what NANCY has to say...

"He genuinely wanted to help and the stuff he was sharing made total sense!"

“At first, I didn't want to meet with another financial person because I thought he would just be pushing another product I couldn't afford. However my interaction with Anthony was completely different. He really wanted to fix the financial problem I was facing. I'm really glad we went through this exercise and as a result, I have total clarity over my money."

Nancy Pediatric Nurse | Markham Hospital


Can I Retire Next Year?

Susan has been an ICU nurse for over 25 years and she's always thought about retiring however she's not sure if it's a good time to do it!


  • She's feeling burned out from work and emotionally wants to transition into retirement.
  • Unclear if there's enough money to stay retired.
  • Worried about taxes.
  • Worried about carrying a mortgage in retirement.
  • Spoken to 4 other financial advisors and she's not 100% convinced now is the right time.
  • Statements are all over the place and Susan doesn't have a clear picture of her money.


  • She needs $4000 per month to cover expenses. $5500 to retire comfortably.
  • Has an $88,000 mortgage
  • Has a HOOPP pension which will pay $4000 per month
  • Has $188,000 in personal savings.
  • Her husband Juan will continue to work for 3 more years before he retires.

***The images and names in this story are not real, but the story is! 


We formulated a strategy by completing a Financial Blueprint:

  • Budget / Cashflow
  • Portfolio comparison
  • Organized all her statements
  • Conference call with her accountant to forecast her tax liability during her retirement years.


To achieve a monthly income of $5500 in retirement, we implemented the following strategy:

  • $4000 from HOOPP pension
  • Strategically withdraw $1500/mth from personal savings
  • Set aside $150/mth for taxes ($1800 per year)
  • She will pay off her mortgage in 4 years which will free up $2000/mth in her retirement years. At this time, we can stop the withdrawals from personal savings.

Susan can comfortably retire and stay retired.

Here's what SUSAN has to say...

"Anthony took something complicated and made it easy to understand"

"The Financial Blueprint that Anthony put together for me was very thorough and revealed some areas of my retirement strategy the other advisors I consulted with did not mention. I wasn't aware I had to pay taxes on the retirement income I'd receive. Anthony was thorough and experienced enough to consult with my accountant to gather valuable information to help give me the proper recommendation for my retirement plan. I thought this would be a confusing experience but Anthony made it really easy and simple to understand!"

Susan ICU Nurse | Scarborough Hospital


Don't let another year pass by without having a clear financial roadmap for your future!