What Does a Financial Blueprint Look Like?

(0:00) The myths of financial success | (0:40) What stops people from finding financial success? | (1:30) What’s a Financial GPS? | (1:55) Why people don’t have this tool | (2:18) How is this tool different from other plans? | (2:45) Where’s all your money going? | (3:45) When can you stop working? | (4:19) Fund your kids education within your current budget. | (4:35) Your debt freedom date | (4:50) Protect your income and assets | (5:27) Funding your goals and dreams | (5:56) Case studies and success stories | (9:25) How much does this all cost? | (9:43) How do I get one?

They were life-changing...

Jacklyn O Healthcare

10 years ago, we experienced a sickness in our family in which we wanted to support our parents by managing the family finances. At the time, we were overwhelmed financially. Our knowledge was minimal and we were unsure where to begin. The group was life-changing. They helped us organize, analyze and formulate a financial game plan which helped us immensely. Through the years we learned how to tackle debt in a strategic way, save for emergencies and invest in our future. I feel much more knowledgeable, comfortable and in control of my finances. I and grateful to have this team as my money coaches as they are all kind, hardworking, trustworthy and reliable. I know I can always rely on them for expert advice!

Juan Romero

I have mutual funds with Leonardo and my experience has been great. He has always answered my inquiries very promptly and it is very transparent and honest when it comes to financial advice.

Director, Health Care Industry

Virginia B.

I honestly thought I had my finances in order until I heard this one phrase in one of Anthony's videos: "The goal of making wise choices is to reach a point where your money one day works for you. So you no longer have to work for your money. That's called financial independence."
I realized I had a bunch of financial products, but no real strategy. Today I have total clarity over my money, I understand where I'm going to be financially in 10 years and I'm spending the same amount of money every month!

Amador Ocampo

I am Leo’s dad. By giving us an advice how to invest intelligently, and what is the best thing or best way to plan for our future financially. Leonardo is honest, trustworthy , dependable and hardworking.

It's a lot better now with all your coaching...

Margaret C PSW

Mai and team, thank you so much for all the you've done for my family. My family's finances were OK before we were introduce by Stephanie, it's a lot better now with all your coaching. I have done so much with my savings with my emergency funds and also was able to pay off my car like we planned. I am also now is planning to buy a home for my family. My only wish is to have met you guys sooner. My financial plans would have been a lot better than what they are now but I'm sure I'm glad I have your much needed help now.

Thank you 🥰

"I will not hesitate recommending him to anybody..."

Maria Gibbons Home Medical Equipment Consultant

For the last 10 years Anthony has been providing my family sound planning apart from being a trusted friend. I will not hesitate recommending him to anybody who needs direction in terms of their finance. Thank you for all you do and we wish you more success!

Our son can attend post secondary school without taking out any student loans...

Rob Segsworth Vice President - Transportation Industry

Working with Anthony and his team has been a great experience. They took the time to understand our financial situation and our goals, they educated us on options and helped us build a plan. After initial set up, the whole team continually stays in touch to assess our satisfaction, and works with us on adjustments needed to our plans and today, our son can attend post secondary school without taking our any student loans. I highly recommend working with this group - the personal touch, and their genuine concern are an invaluable asset to your personal finances.

"Allows me to put a lot of trust into his advice and recommendations..."

Calvin Chan Marketing

Anthony has always been very helpful, respectful, and transparent. When I have questions, or reservations about anything, he's always very clear and honest, which allows me to put a lot of trust into his advice and recommendations. I especially like how he's always looking out for me and my interests and will follow up regularly. I also appreciate his quick responses and he's always available for a call and readily accessible most of the time so I'm not left hanging or waiting for days for a response.

"Took the complexity out of financial principles..."

Kathleen E. Project Manager - Toronto Hospital

Looking to set realistic financial expectations for myself as well as improving my financial literacy in general, I had first connected with Anthony earlier last year following a wealth building webinar he hosted. I wouldn’t consider myself the most well versed when it comes to personal finance, and so planning my financial future on my own was scary. I reached out to Anthony who first, took the complexity out of financial principles and put them into a narrative that was graspable and easy to understand. He created a strategic plan for me, but before that, made sure to ask what was meaningful to me as he wanted to understand my views on money and life before understanding my goals.