What Does a Financial Blueprint Look Like?

(0:00) The myths of financial success | (0:40) What stops people from finding financial success? | (1:30) What’s a Financial GPS? | (1:55) Why people don’t have this tool | (2:18) How is this tool different from other plans? | (2:45) Where’s all your money going? | (3:45) When can you stop working? | (4:19) Fund your kids education within your current budget. | (4:35) Your debt freedom date | (4:50) Protect your income and assets | (5:27) Funding your goals and dreams | (5:56) Case studies and success stories | (9:25) How much does this all cost? | (9:43) How do I get one?

Juan Romero

I have mutual funds with Leonardo and my experience has been great. He has always answered my inquiries very promptly and it is very transparent and honest when it comes to financial advice.

Really helped me enhance my financial literacy...

Stephanie M PSW & Model

Over the years, Mai has always had a great eye for detail and really helped me enhance my financial literacy skills! She gave me the confidence I needed when it comes to managing my money.

Even when I did not understand many things

Jorge Pedraja

Leonardo was very helpful. Even when I did not understand many things he took his time to explain each thing carefully and in better terms that I would be able to comprehend. Another thing that I would like to note is that he is very organized, all concerns were addressed and handled efficiently thanks to his organizational skills. It was a pleasure working with him, I will surely recommend him to my family and friends. Thank you!

"I will not hesitate recommending him to anybody..."

Maria Gibbons Home Medical Equipment Consultant

For the last 10 years Anthony has been providing my family sound planning apart from being a trusted friend. I will not hesitate recommending him to anybody who needs direction in terms of their finance. Thank you for all you do and we wish you more success!

"Straight shooter, attention to detail and will always go the distance..."


Anthony is very detailed, honest, understanding and caters to clients wants and needs that suits your lifestyle, and future plans going forward. Anthony is a straight shooter, attention to detail and will always go the distance. Keep up the great work you do. Thanks to you and your empire that you have built from ground up.

He always makes me feel comfortable talking about my finances...

James Bitanga

Leo is great! He always makes me feel comfortable talking about my finances and always shows how much he truly cares about me as a client and how much he wants me to succeed. He is very trust worthy and I am very happy with the results he has shown me. I would say if you’re unsure of what to do with your money and don’t want it sitting in the bank, you have to go talk to him! He will help you make an informed decision and you will be confident with how your money is invested!

Anthony is unbelievable communicator

Karen Balbuena Administration

Anthony & Ginette are distant family friend who helped me and my husband get situated in Canada when we immigrated here in 2021.

Anthony is unbelievable communicator and does an excellent job making sure that I understand the process of investments. He is very patient , kind and always answered every question that I had.

I would highly recommend Anthony for his integrity and financial knowledge.

If you want to find a fast and faux solution, he is not the one for you...

Justin Dooc

Mutual Friends Leo impacted my life as a business partner tremendously. I had many questions regarding the financial world and with time, helped me navigate through the discourse. Experience and wisdom is what I found, I am confident that I have to capitalize on the time I have with Leo. His advising and administrative skills are top notch and I would be jealous if another business partner took his time from me! Nevertheless, bound to happen. If you want to find a fast and faux solution, he is not the one for you. Instead Leo will provide you meaningful methodology, techniques and a steady foundation to cope with the evolving financial climate.

Our son can attend post secondary school without taking out any student loans...

Rob Segsworth Vice President - Transportation Industry

Working with Anthony and his team has been a great experience. They took the time to understand our financial situation and our goals, they educated us on options and helped us build a plan. After initial set up, the whole team continually stays in touch to assess our satisfaction, and works with us on adjustments needed to our plans and today, our son can attend post secondary school without taking our any student loans. I highly recommend working with this group - the personal touch, and their genuine concern are an invaluable asset to your personal finances.